Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pimp my ride

I have yet to put my Disney stuff on my new minivan. Have I mentioned that I'm a Disney freak? Well, yesterday I did put my "Been there done that going back" bumper sticker/magnet on it and, of course, my personalized plate is on it, but my Jeep was decked out with quite a few things. When I was researching the minivan, one of the things that was touted about it was the "built in antennae". As if that's a good thing. I want an antenna because of these:
Those, my friends, are antennae toppers. What the hell am I going to do now? I'm at a loss and a little depressed about it. I had briefly thought about not getting the car because of the no antennae thing. Sad, I know.


Rachel said...

Aww...We have the stitch one (of course) Tony couldn't get one because he, too does not have a antenae, I'm sorry...I'll try to think of something to do with them...lol.

Jessica said...

Tam, I have every single one of those and get made fun of regularly for changing my toppers with the holidays. Screw 'em! I *love* my Mickey heads. I too would be very sad if I couldn't use them on a new car.


kristi said...

The Stitch one is adorable!

Susan said...

Those would make a great baby mobile.