Thursday, August 9, 2007

Excellent point, Jess!

My agency friend, Jess, posted a great point on a thread yesterday about Kevin's DNA test. She said "at least they shouldn't be backed up" (meaning the lab). That really made me smile because that is one bright side to being one of the first batches to go through this step. How far behind can they get this soon?

Today is the day that I'm going to finish painting the dining room! It's been, like, forever since I started it. It's almost done. Really. I'm starting to panic about how much shit stuff I need to get done before the trip and my mother comes to stay with Katie, Cassie, and Annie (kid, Pug, and Border Collie).

I've made the sad, but I believe necessary, decision that I have to take the Rottie to the SPCA (I got her from there and signed a contract that, if I ever had to give her up, I'd take her back there). She has become too temperamental to trust around Kevin. She even snapped at the vet on her last visit and wound up muzzled. She has never done that before and my vet was shocked. My vet tried her on meds to see if it would help, but it didn't. The whole thing makes my heart very heavy because I am an animal loving freak (see my mouse post), but I don't want to wait until she actually does something to the baby to make the move. I feel awful.

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Terry said...

OMG! You're right! Being in one of the first batches may just give us at an advantage! Congratulations on being on being submitted! :)