Thursday, August 23, 2007

T-minus 12 hours

and we leave for the airport. It doesn't feel real. 21 1/2 hours and I'll have my son? Forever? WOW!

I'm freaking out just a bit about the layover in Atlanta on the way back. Some people are talking like it would be better to walk through the fires of hell than to go through there with a 2 hour and 10 minute layover. Not much I can do about it now, so I guess we'll just have to go with whatever happens. Kevin is an unknown equation, though. How will he be on the flight(s)? How will he be if we' I'm imagining...sprinting through the airport to catch the next flight? How's he going to be after traveling all damn day and getting home at 11:30 at night? As my sister says..."he'll be how he'll be and you'll deal." Yeah, we will.

I don't think we're taking the laptop, so I'll catch you all on the flip side!


Terry said...

Not bringing the laptop! Are you kidding me???

I'm so worried about how Tommy will be on the plane, too! I'm sure Kevin will be fine....maybe he'll sleep at least a lot of the time (and he will still probably be exhausted so should sleep when you get him home). If not, you will deal it....that's all you can do!

Have a safe trip and enjoy every minute of being reunited with your son FOREVER!!!

Sending HUGE hugs from Antigua!


Baby John's Crib said...

Congratulations! Just think, a week from today, you'll be home......with your SON! Enjoy every minute of your time off with him. Next thing you know, he'll be walking and talking.

MaryJo said...

Anticipating the plane ride home is the worst part. You may not be taking the laptop, but the Westin has a business center so you can login and blog!
Have a great trip - you're in the home stretch!

rachel said...

I'm speechless, you know it doesn't happen often...if you would have told me in Aug of 05 that in 2 years I'd be here with my baby girl and that you'd be going to get your baby boy I would have told you that you were on drugs. It has been one hell of a ride, and I am so excited that you're almost done with this leg of the journey.

I am SO happy for you guys!

(Okay, so when I started writing I didn't know what to

Sarah said...

Atlanta's not that bad anymore. There's a nice big court with lots of room to let him wiggle. Good luck! I'll think of you as you come through Atlanta, it's where I live :D

rachel said...

I hope your flights went well and you're hugging him right now!!!!!

Susan said...

Congratulations. Sending good thoughts!