Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm trying to hold off on throwing a fit until confirmation...

...but, ohmysweetGod, I don't know how much more freakin' aggravation I can take.

A moment of silence, please, for my sanity.

Word has it that the embassy may be closed from 8/20-8/23. If that's the case, there's no PINK for me that week and I'll have to wait yet another life-sucking-bleedin' week until there's a chance for PINK to be issued. That would make travel the 1st or 2nd week in September. Gah! Ack! Ugh! Is this punishment for not finishing the damn dining room yet? Shut up.

Tomorrow is the day we're supposed to have the answer as to whether, or not, this is true.

I know the US Embassy in Guatemala never gets a day off. Yeah, OK, I'm being facetious. Check out their days off:

January 1 New Year's Day (A&G)
January 15 Martin Luther King's Birthday (A)
February 19 Presidents Day (A)
April 5 Holy Thursday (G)
April 6 Good Friday (G)
April 7 Holy Saturday (G)
April 8 Easter (G)
May 1 Guatemalan Labor Day (G)
May 28 Memorial Day (A)
June 30 Army Day (G)
July 4 U.S. Independence Day (A)
August 15 Feast of the Assumption (G)
September 3 U.S. Labor Day (A)
September 15 C.A. Independence Day(G)
October 8 Columbus Day (A)
October 20 Revolution Day (G)
November 1 All Saints Day (G)
November 12 Veteran's Day (A)
November 22 Thanksgiving Day (A)
December 24 Christmas Eve (G - Half Day)
December 25 Christmas Observed (A&G)
December 31 New Year's Eve (G - Half Day)

Now, I'm assuming they also get vacation days. Wouldn't you just love a job with that many days off in a year?!

As I was saying...since they never get a day off, they're probably going to name these days off as "Let's screw with those newly submitted and waiting for DNA results for PINK parents because we can (BwaHaHaHaHa)" days.



Terry said...

Oh dear God!

OK...don't panic! This certainly isn't great news since BOTH of us were hoping to have our Embassy appointments that week, but's not the worst news we could get at this point (I can say it since I'm in the same boat...everyone else should just be

Here's my advice...get on the plane anyway and hang out until it's done (if that's possible). I'm sure Baby Tom-Tom and Kevin would get along great!


Tam said...

Oh, Terry, I wish I could...(bangs head against wall).

MaryJo said...

Yuck. What would a Guatemalan adoption process be without at least half a dozen vacation days? :-) Hang in there.
Mary Jo

jajbs said...

I know someone that has an appt. for 8/21-- it was issued today. Hope this helps.