Friday, August 10, 2007

No word, yet

Well, I haven't heard, yet, about the embassy and the possible closing dates of 8/20-8/23. I know my agency's director is very busy right now and I'm sure word will come as soon as she's able.

I am getting a little nervous because I realized that our fingerprints expire in October. If I don't have an appointment soon, I'll fret...yes, I said "fret"...over needing to get them done again.

Well, signing off for another weekend....I hope you all enjoy yours!


Andrea said...

I can GUARANTEE the Embassy is not closed for PINK because our appointment is on 8.22. I have the PINK slip here.

Terry said...

If you read my blog, you know that I'm starting to freak out about our fingerprints, too...they expire 9/20 and they still haven't set up another print appointment for us (I sent in a request last week). I'm thinking of just showing up and begging Monday morning.

I think you should be OK, though. Surely you'll be home by October.


Lou said...

You will have Kevin home way before October....You are so close, and your case went so fast!!! I would have given just about anything to have AP home at that age, but I know that it still seems like forever to you. I know it's hard to be patient at this point, but it IS almost OVER!!!!

Praying for you and little man.