Monday, August 13, 2007

Not an issue

The word came on Saturday. As things in this process are wont to do for me. It appears that the embassy is only closed for submissions from lawyers during those dates. Don't know why. So now my eye is trained on next week, again, to get PINK. This week is going to drag by...maybe I can, oh I don't know, finish painting the dining room?! Get a high chair?! Buy some 3-6 month bottoms for Kevin?! (I really thought he'd be in 6-9 months clothes by now and I have a bunch of those, but at only 13 lbs 5ozs, I need a couple of smaller sizes I think?) Note to self: Tam, seriously, what are you waiting for? He's going to be home in a couple of weeks!

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Terry said...

You said it....what ARE you waiting for???? It's time to get busy girl! He is going to be home in a couple of weeks and you don't want to spend those first days with him running around shopping for clothes that fit or any other baby related stuff that can be done now.'re turn to remind me of the same thing....I'm leaving in less than 2 1/2 days! YIKES!!!! The pictures STILL aren't hung up in the nursery, I have yet to organize some of the things that must be organized when I leave and I'm still just sitting here staring at a computer screen waiting for some kind of news that is going to take my breath away. I'm pathectic!

I'm thinking that we won't be meeting on your pick up since we haven't even been submitted for PINK yet (which is REALLY bothering me right now)! I was so hoping we could meet for dinner or somthing. BUMMER!!