Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A death sentence and a Pardon

Well, I risked you thinking I was horrible, now I'll risk you thinking I'm an idiot.

After calling the SPCA to check up on Carly, we found out that they were going to euthanize her. Roni and I talked about the decision that had been made. Had we given her enough of a chance? Had we tried enough options? How about the crappy baby gates that we had...maybe a better gate would help take care of things...one she couldn't knock down. What about the all natural "Calming Treats" that we bought for her...had we tried those? What about a behavior modification trainer that will come in the house to help? Did we give her a chance to get used to a baby in the house so he wasn't something she had to, for the love of doggy god, see? The answer was no. We hadn't tried. Not really. Not hard enough. We hadn't done everything we could because it was inconvenient and we were overwhelmed with everything a new baby entails. It wasn't fair and the guilt was all consuming. I had done everything I could to save some baby mice in my house and not kill them in the process (remember this post?!http://waitingforkevin.blogspot.com/2007/06/just-wee-bit-freaked-now.html), but, dammit, I didn't try as hard for my dog. Well, we are now...we are now.

Welcome home Carly!


Mommy2B said...

I am happy to see this post.
I hope all works out and with a bit of training she may learn to love little Kevin as much as you and Roni do.
Keep us updated.

Baby John's Crib said...

Thank you for checking on Carly!

We have to keep my older dog (rottie/shepherd) away from John, she has arthritis, and is just getting mean and surly in her old age. She's even snapped at me a couple of times lately. We just give her run of everyroom but the living room when John is awake. She's a little pissed, but I can't take a chance she'll snap at John.

My younger dog is a rottie/lab, and he's fine with John, but he's such a doufus that I'm afraid he'll knock him over, so he's banished from the living room also.

Have you seen those baby gates that you actually screw into the walls? They seem really secure. They have a pass thru so you can get through easily.

Best of luck with Carly!!!