Monday, September 24, 2007

Now I've gotten all riled up again!

A few months ago, when I bought my new minivan, (shuddup) I was very surprised to get my insurance bill and it went up. It actually said the "safety rating was removed". How can the safety rating be removed if I'm driving one of the safest vehicles made? I used to drive a Jeep Liberty so this made no sense to me. I called my insurance agent and basically said, "WTF?!". She said she had no control over it, it comes from corporate. Yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah. So, for shits and giggles, I got a quote from Geico and it was like $500 less a year. I called my agent back and basically said, "Yo! WTF?!". She said, "Are you sure it was the same coverage?" Yes. Yes, I am. And then? Then I did what I normally don't do and that's procrastinate. I didn't change insurance companies. Why? Guilt. I've been with this agent forever. I was one of her very first clients. Tonight? Tonight I read online how minivans in general are the safest class of vehicles overall and my model ranks at the top of the safety lists. So. I'm pissed. I'm pissed at my insurance company and I'm pissed at myself for being such a schmuck. Tomorrow? Tomorrow I need to make the call. I need to quit bending over and smiling.


Terry said...

Make the can do strong!


Kristen and the Gang said...

GIVE THEM HELL, TAM!!!!! I hate these insurance companies!!! We have Geico and they are cheapier at least here in NY!!!

Baby John's Crib said...

Insurance - now you're speaking my language, sad, but true. Geico will probably save you a lot on your auto insurance, as well as entertain you with their TV commercials.

Some considerations, you have home/renter's insurance? Life insurance? Other miscellaneous policies? Through your old agent? Discounts are bundled by each carrier, so you need to consider the all or nothing approach - or at least inquire if you will lose other discounts if you move your car insurance to another carrier. Also, consider how any carrier will handle your claim and talk to people you know that may have your existing or proposed carrier; claims handling is a big thing, although you typically never think about it until you are completely pissed off at your insurance adjuster.......

Oh, gosh....I've just outed myself as an insurance person. The horrors!

If you do switch companies, before you do it, make sure EVERY coverage is identical or better - small changes can be big in terms of premium, and a great deal may turn out to be not so good (or conversely, may be as great as it seems). Make sure you are an informed consumer - don't lose other discounts with your current carrier if you carry multiple line coverage until you've done a cost/benefit analysis and you're still going to save money by switching. Some carriers, such as Geico, don't offer home/life coverage in every market, so you can end up saving a bunch of money on your car insurance, but paying a higher price tag on your other coverage, which may or may not offset the difference.

Also, make sure you are getting every discount you are entitled to, and if your state allows for a rating discount based on credit scores, if you've got good credit, make sure you are getting it - it's substantial.

Good luck with your decision!