Saturday, September 22, 2007

First haircut-Pffftt

So Kevin's hair was driving me crazy. It was just too long and floppy for my taste. And it still is. Well, OK, I haven't wet it and combed it, yet, to see how it looks, but barely anything was taken off. Roni and Katie have been horrified at my threatening to take him for a buzz cut. I won't buzz it, yet, but I hate when people call him "she". I thought we'd compromise and take him to my hairdresser to have her take a little off the top and sides and just trim the back. She took the phrase "a little" quite literally. Other than the bangs, I can't even tell it was cut. Maybe, after I wet and comb it in the morning, I'll see a difference. BTW, this boy defines "bed head". Check it out:

Who would have thought I'd have to do this at less than 8 months old?! Here's pics of his first professional haircut:

This is what it looks like when it's wet in the morning (before the haircut) and kinda what I'm shooting for. You know...a little boy. I swear I'll be whipping out the mousse and/or gel products soon:


Terry said...

The boy does have some hair! What a cutie...floppy and all!


Kristen and the Gang said...

That boy is a cutie patootie with wild hair, neat hair or NO hair!!! I kinda like the WILD look myself!

Mommy2B said...

I love his haircut!! That last picture is adorable..

Anonymous said...

Love it! ADORABLE!

Lisa said...

I can see a difference and I think he looks great! Much more boy-ish, and definitely very handsome. :-D

Beck said...

He's so cute with his new haircut - aw! His hair reminds me of The Boy's hair - and we had to resign ourselves to getting him regular haircuts every six weeks before he was six months old. Crazy hair!