Monday, September 3, 2007

A little worried

Waking up to Kevin's smiling face in the morning is the one thing that will get me up at such an inhumane hour without being cranky. He actually wakes up smiling. How does one even do that?

He's taking 2 or 3 naps a day. Long naps. A couple of hours each. Seems weird to me. Is it normal to still be sleeping so much? We've kinda gotten away from the 3rd nap because, by the time he's ready to take that one, it's almost bath and bed time so I've been trying to keep him up from that 3rd one. The FM had told us that he "takes many naps", but I just assumed they were short ones. It's so obvious when he needs one. He starts rubbing his eyes and starts to get cranky. You can just about set your watch by him. When I was going to put him down for a nap, there would be, basically, a temper tantrum. Screaming and kicking the legs. And Kevin was upset, too. I finally decided to try the ?Ferber? method. OMG! What a beautiful thing. I think it saved my life sanity. He's still getting up to take a couple ounces of formula 2-3 times a night, but, since he doesn't take it well all day, I don't mind. Oh! That's where the "A little worried" comes in. HE DOESN'T TAKE HIS FORMULA WELL at all. He'll take 2-3ozs at a time and refuses to take more. Once in a blue moon, he'll take 4ozs, but that's rare. I'm concerned because I don't think his caloric intake is enough. He didn't gain much weight between his 5 and 6 month doctor visit and, if my scale is comparable to the doctor's scale in Guatemala, he's gained less than a pound since his 6 month visit (a month ago). I call tomorrow for his first doctor's visit here. I'm already trying to guess at what the doctor will say. I've thought about concentrating his formula a little more to up his caloric intake. I'm at my wits end. If he won't drink more, what can I do?


rachel said...

Hey Tami, I'm glad to hear that you are waking up happy these days :D

As far as the napping and the formula I don't know if you were just venting or if you wanted answers, but I can't leave you hanging if you wanted answers ;)

I'll share what I know and before I go into it, he seems right on to me :D

Anya is the same way with the sleeping, she still takes 2 long naps a day (2-3 hours) And it is very obvious when it's time, just like Kevin.

For the formula, as far as I know you don't really want to make the formula more concentrated, because I believe it can lead to dehydration. At this age he should be drinking about 20 oz. of formula a day (if he eats cereal and you make it with 2 oz of formula, that counts as 2 of the oz) I don't know at what point it changes but my ped told me that as babies they should gain 1/2 to a full oz a day. Anya was always at the bottom of that, and that's okay, someone has to be little, as long as they don't go down on the charts everything is fine :D

Lou said...

Remember that Kevin is going through MAJOR adjustment. Often babies sleep a lot when they first come home to deal with all the changes. Don't freak out about his formula yet. A few days of this won't hurt him. Everything is NEW to sounds, smells, people, EVERYTHING. Babies just deal with things in their own way. Everything you're describing is PERFECTLY normal for a baby that just came home. Just listen to him, and he'll let you know what he needs. I WOULD NOT concentrate his formula. That could really mess his tummy up! I know it's hard not to worry, but Kevin will work all this out. Try keeping him away from crowds and too many other people....sometimes they get overstimulated, and that can mess them up too. Email me if you need anything.....

Michelle Smiles said...

Sabrina didn't eat very well the first couple of weeks...but she adjusted very quickly. I am sure as he adjusts he will eat more. Will he eat cereal? I always put a scoop or 2 of formula into the cereal when I mixed it. I am a little freaked out because we switched Sabrina to milk and she isn't drinking anywhere near enough now. She chowed down her formula but the milk she can take or leave.

Terry said...

Not much time, but wanted to let you know that I just read about napping at this age earlier today and is perfectly normal for them to still be napping up to 3 times a day and both long and short naps are normal depending on the child.