Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another step added and STREP!

Gah! So there's yet another step added to the adoption process that will probably delay pickup. I don't think it's been officially announced yet, but there's going to be a second DNA test done on the babies before all is said and done. I get it. I do. It still aggravates me that there is no notice whatsoever being given by the US Embassy about this. WTF?! It's supposed to go into effect tomorrow! The DNA test is going to only be done on the babies-the bmom is not involved-to compare with their previous DNA test that was done way back in the beginning of the process. This is to ensure that it is indeed the same baby and isn't a switched baby. I understand why. Really. I just wished they gave some kind of notice or grandfathered those of us OUT already, or some damned thing. Even say...oh, I don't know, perhaps start it on SEPTEMBER 1st...not that the fact that Kevin should already have PINK by then has anything to do with it, or anyselfishthing like that.


I started getting a scratchy throat on Sunday at work and thought, "Great. I'm getting a cold." Yesterday it was worse and I waited for the cold symptoms, but they didn't come. Today I woke up and was dying. Could barely swallow and felt like I was only minutes away from needing trach to breathe. Still no cold symptoms, but something was. not. right. I, as a nurse, am a horrible patient. It's just the way it is with most of us. I normally wait until I have no other choice before I go see my doctor when I'm sick. Half the time, I wait too long and wind up in the ER instead. Thankfully, I rarely get sick. Roni started telling me that I have Strep Throat today. Now, normally, and she'll tell you it's so, I pooh-pooh her, but I knew that something was definitely different with this sore throat. So I went. Yep, Strep. Sigh.

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Auntie G said...

Hope you are over your strep real soon. It doesn't sound very fun.