Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Barely scratched the surface

OMG! Do you have any idea of how much crap many items you have to buy for a baby?! Of course you do! But! I never realized just how much shit stuff you need. Or! How much it costs when you have to get it all at once. I'm so glad I bought the "big ticket items" already because, holy moly, the little stuff is adding up extremely fast and we haven't even bought that much yet. If you are in PGN, I highly recommend you don't wait, like I did, because you might "jinx" things. Jinx schminx. Get the stuff now or the sticker shock may just kill you if you wait. Save the receipts if you're not comfortable with the idea, but, seriously, get some stuff. Spread it out and get it. GET. IT! OK. Good. I'm alright now....*twitch*


rachel said...


Antique Mommy said...

You don't need as much stuff as you think you do. Trust me. I have a garage full of baby stuff that I thought I had to have that has never been used.

Auntie G said...

It sounds like you had fun shopping. I bought a Britax car seat already and I don't even have a referral yet. It cost almost what a years worth of diapers might. LOL

art-sweet said...

Do you have a second hand baby store near you? We got a lot of stuff there - much cheaper than buying new.

Here's my quick list of Things I Could Not Live Without:

- Bottles, Bibs, Baby Food & Formula
- Cloth Diapers or Cut Up old t-shirts (we call them "drop cloths") for bodily fluids
- Diapers & Wipes (we use the above old t-shirts and a spray bottle of water for #1 - saves lots of $ on wipes)
- Some kind of baby containment device - exersaucer or pak n play (garage sales are great for these)
- a sling or carrier
- a diaper bag
- first aid stuff - baby tylenol & thermometer

I think I could live without the rest. Honestly. Post if there's something you're wondering whether you'll really need.

Beck said...

You really don't need all that stuff. We had:
1) a crib
2) diapers
3) a bare-bones baby wardrobe, depending on what time of year it is.
4) a baby sling
5) a car seat
and a stroller. That's it. Throw in a few board books and some stacking cups and you're good to go.

MaryJo said...

Hi Tam,
I was very surprised at how much stuff I didn't use. When I caught myself freaking out, thinking I had to have my house fully stocked, I remembered that Target and Walmart weren't all that far away! One piece of advice... don't buy anything in bulk until Kevin gets home. Okay, a second piece. With my second, we bought enough bottles (total of 9) so that we could run them through dishwasher and didn't have to handwash every night.
Relax and enjoy!
Mary Jo

Terry said...

I hear ya! And exactly why was I scared to paint the nursery and put the crib together before the OUT call? Now guess what I'm having to around like a crazy woman trying to get all this done. And shopping will continue Saturday. Tommy has NO toys in the house except what I'm taking to Antigua and I seriously doubt the 3 Avent bottles I have is going to be enough. No diapers, wipes or formula. But...I do have a crib (that he won't even sleep in for a while because he isn't used to sleeping alone) and a carseat....and a bouncy seat and Bumbo because he acts like he must have those in order to survive (learned that last visit).

Thanks for the comment on my blog about PINK stuff. I'm hoping it will be sooner, too, but am trying to prepare myself for a long wait. It still looks like I won't be in Antigua long at all.


Andrea said...

Boy, can I relate. Every time I walk into Babies R Us, I freak out because I think if I don't buy that stuff, my child will suffer irreparable harm. So far, I've gotten the list that Art Sweet put together. The rest will come later.