Monday, July 9, 2007

Original submission date blues

The date that Kevin first went into PGN is the date that the OUTs are coming right now. It makes me so sad that I could have gotten the call by now if the reviewer hadn't been so damn ridiculous. I want that call so bad and, although it's possible to get the call tomorrow, in all probability I have a couple more weeks to fret over getting it or a KO...shhhh. Since it is, theoretically, possible to get the call any day now, I spend the day tense...practically anticipation. The nights, though, are a bit depressing. Another night is almost over and I'll start the whole thing all over again. It's exhausting. Truly exhausting.


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MaryJo said...

I've gone through the process twice and it's more emotionally difficult than I could ever have imagined. I wish I could say something to make it magically better, but "Hang in there" will have to suffice.
Mary Jo

Weeding Specialist said...

My prayers are with you - that he comes safely to you quickly and that you can endure the time remaining. I'm so glad you get pictures of him. He's adorable!