Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Couple of things to ramble about...

AGAIN I have an amusing error in grammar. Well, "amusing" isn't the best word. I may be looking for "idiotic". Chester draw....what do you think they were trying to type? I'll tell you...chest of drawers. Can you even freakin' believe it?!

How difficult is it to close the cupboard door after you get a glass out of it? How. Difficult. Is. It?

I'm sorry, but if your children are 25 and 27 years old, why are you still paying their bills when you're flat broke and are worried about losing your house. You aren't doing them any favors because when you die...and we all do...they are not going to have a single clue on how to survive in the world.

Coincidence or not, there hasn't been a single mouse sighting since I bought those sonic things...or whatever they are called.

The guy who weighs 400 pounds that lays in bed all day and can't do a thing for himself except eat, including holding his own urinal, who, when the fire alarm went off and it wasn't a drill, flung himself out of bed and started speed walking down the hall. It's a miracle!

I'm absolutely addicted to reading blogs. Humor blogs are my favorite, but I read a whole mess of them. If y'all don't update your blogs regularly, I heave and audible sigh when I click on your site. You may have a life outside of blogging, but I. DON'T. CARE. I want more material. I have worked my way through one of my favorite blogger's archives and await, breathlessly, for her next post every time. I am currently wading my way through another of my fav's archives because some of you...and you know who you are...aren't keeping your blogs current. C'mon, throw me a bone, people. Help me through my wait for Kevin...and for those of you who don't blog, start one. Now. Dammit.

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Holly G. said...

Hey Tam,

If you want, I can invite you to my old blog...that will give you plenty of reading material. There are almost 400 posts on that one and it goes allllll the way back, pre-Gia.