Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aaaand here I go again....

Another home project. I'm going to lay a new floor in my dogs' room/laundry room.

What? You want to know if I ever finished the bathroom? Well, uh, not just yet...but we did buy a palm sander today so it could be finished. I just couldn't manage to hand sand the massive amount the walls and ceiling. It's tough, man! Today, since the bug bit me to work on the house again, we bit the bullet and bought the damn thing. So, soon on the bathroom...K?

I've been yapping for a while over here about needing to pull the nasty carpet out of the dogs' room. Having 2 big-ass shedsomuchthatit'sawonderthey'renotbald dogs in that room is not conducive to carpeting. It cannot be kept clean, plus the smell after they come in from the rain just stays in there. So, yeah, yuck.

Today I bought the flooring, came home and starting cutting the carpet out of that room. It's almost done being torn out. I just have the end to do where the dryer sits and my back was just hurting too bad after moving and lifting the washer to continue. I can't wait to get it done. Hopefully the bug will keep biting me throughout the whole project.


Terry said...

Don' feel bad...we once tore an entire house apart to remodel at one time (except our bedroom because we had to live somewhere). You'll get the bathroom finished eventually.

I HATE carpet, especially with the long haired pets we have. Haven't had it in years and will never have it again!

Rhonda said...

Holy moly girl, you do have the "bug", please keep the "bug" and come to my house, it needs you!

Baby John's Crib said...

Plllleeeaaassseeee, tell me where you get this bug from.....can I buy it? I still have boxes in nearly every room from my May. Can you say LAZY & UNMOTIVATED?

I give you a ton of credit for doing it yourself!