Friday, September 19, 2008

Cherry Cheesecake!

The weather was beautiful today. While Roni was getting ready for us to go shopping and then to dinner, I took Kevin for a walk:

Kevin and I went into ToysRUs while Roni was shopping for clothes next door. I've been on the hunt for wooden blocks of different shapes for Kevin to play with because he loves to stack things. I found some blocks, but they're smaller than what I wanted. I swear they don't make the ones I'm thinking of anymore because I can't find them anywhere. I also scored a new insulated straw cup, 2 new Wiggles DVDs, and a travel MagnaDoodle for the trip. Afterward, we picked Roni up at the next store and headed to Old Country Buffet. I love buffets with Kevin because there's not a bit of waiting involved, hence, no trying to occupy toddler while waiting for waitperson/drinks/food/bill. He also eats very well at a buffet and they lose money on the boy. His favorite thing is the breaded shrimp. This cracks me up because Katie, at almost 15, has never even tasted shrimp. The only problem with a buffet is that he has trouble comprehending that, when we get up from the table, we will be right back and starts to cry.

We went and got our desserts and one of the items I got was cherry cheesecake. Kevin wound up with it and was in heaven. I, unfortunately, forgot his bib...After he took the first bite, he actually shimmied in his seat with delight:

"Wow! This is good!"

"What is this stuff called? Cheesecake? Odd name..."

"Thank-you, Lord, for cheesecake!"

"I just can't get enough!"

"Is there any more?"


Baby John's Crib said...

That was just too cute!

That Katie is a smart girl. I'm 41 and have never tried fried shrimp. I just assume it tastes like fish and I don't like fish.

If Bill gets his way, John will be trying and liking seafood soon.

Pug & I said...

Aw, so adorable! Yes, cheesecake is "da bomb". Kevin is a smart boy. :)

Terry said...

Smart kid and so stinkin' cute! Cheesecake is the best...glad he's learning that early on! :)