Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trying to give up control

I admit that I've been reluctant to allow Kevin to feed himself anything other than finger foods. I hate the mess, but lately he's been wanting to do it more and more himself. I know that's a good thing. Bully for him and all that. The problem is that if he's not truly starving, he will just play with his food and, by then, it's too late for me to jump in because he gets all indignant and gets pissed if I try to feed him. Well, tonight, he was starving and I knew it by the way he was whining. I decided to let him have at it, even though there was sauce involved and there was gonna be a mess. He ate a ton and I never lifted a finger to help him:
Ironically tonight, for the first time in for-freakin'-ever, he wanted me to hold him and rock him while I gave him a bottle. I was so surprised. I just kept thinking, "This may be the very last time he asks me to do this....ever."


Rhonda said...

I just HATE that they are growing up so darn fast!!!!

Laurie said...

um..you call that a mess?!! His bib is still white!! He is such a neat eater compared to Theo!

However I do agree with the whole "playing" with the fork/spoon thing. Theo gets so interested in his utensils that he forgets to eat. His latest is banging them on his plate like drums and yelling, "Ba, ba, ba". If I play airplane with him he'll let me feed him. But then he tries to play airplane and the food falls off the spoon. (sigh).

Gotta love the snuggly moments though. They do grow up way too fast!

amy said...

They grow up so fast, I know. I remember how frustrating it was trying to clean up after a child always throwing food. Love those new bowls that have the untensils actually attached...no throwing possible