Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The writing on the wall

There was no cooking in my house tonight. Roni took Katie shopping for some personal items *cough* bras *cough* so I took Kevin to BK for dinner. I love taking him out to eat because he's just so darn cute sitting there, like a big boy, scarfing down unhealthy food. I decided to treat him tonight and get him a Sprite (sugar, but no caffeine-I'm not completely crazy). He's never had a Sprite before and was in heaven. I got the biggest smile when he tasted it and realized it wasn't the usual milk. Now that he was on a sugar high, I decided that taking him to the park to run it off would be a good idea-especially since the weather was so beautiful. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture of us going down the slide for obvious reasons, but he was somewhere between thrilled and terrified. It's a thin line. He did want to go a second time so I guess he had fun, although he clutched me just as tight the second time.
Mommy aiding and abetting getting the child wired (horrible picture of me-wow):

Oh, yeah, he's feeling good:
He's not giving up that cup even thought it's mostly water at this point:
Just as we were winding things up (I was trying to time his "crash" to get home for bath and bedtime), up pulls Renee squealing tires and laying skid marks and then running pell mell across the park who walked over to me to lay The News on me. The DON in my facility has been fired. It is the 9th time I've heard this news in one form, or another, in my almost 13 years of working at my facility. That is an awfully high turnover rate. They either quit or get canned after a relatively short period of time. It really didn't surprise me knowing the history of this position, but it makes me nervous. Again I have to wonder who we'll get next and what she/he will be like. We sure have had our share of nutcases there. I also have an uneasy feeling about a major shakeup may be happening and maybe my job, or my hours, being in jeopardy.
Keep your fingers crossed for me that it doesn't get too crazy there...


Baby John's Crib said...

Looks like Kevin had a great time with the pop & park.

Good luck with your job - that feeling sucks when everything is up in the air like that. Hopefully it will calm down soon.

Terry said...

He's so freakin' cute! Probably even cuter with a sugar high.

Hope the job situation works out for the best.