Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Why, oh why, is the boy giving me a hard time about going to bed recently? I had to find the humor in his temper tantrum to keep my sanity tonight so, what did I do? I video taped it for the blog and for posterity. *wink* Sorry it's so dark, but I wasn't crazy enough to turn the light on.

He actually was much worse than this before I grabbed the Flip to record it. He was screaming his bloody little head off and his hair was flying around while he was jumping up and down with all his might. While it was so frustrating that I felt like I was ready to call Super Nanny, it was also hysterical to watch.

I did wind up picking him up and holding him for about a half hour after I turned the camera off. That may have been the wrong thing to do....I guess I'll find out tomorrow...


Baby John's Crib said...

Oh, that sucks! Could he be overly tired? John used to fight sleep like that when he didn't get his normal nap(s) during the day. Anytime we get him too far off his normal nap schedule, bedtime is a battle.

Rhonda said...

Fighting that battle ourselves these days and you OUGHT to see the temper tantrums here.......I really should video tape them :-( BUT I'm usually too damn mad to get the video camera when she's acting out!!!

Hang in there, hope it gets better.