Thursday, September 11, 2008


I'm sitting here watching "102 Minutes That Changed America" on the History Channel. It is still unbelievable the events that happened 7 years ago today.

Sad. So very sad. I am at a loss for words to express the feelings this brings out in me.

I'm sure you understand.

I'll never forget what I was doing the very moment I heard about the World Trade Center Towers...I was in the basement of the building I work in. There are no windows, radio, etc., down there and you are completely cut off from anything going on outside. or even upstairs for that matter. I was in the process of implementing the Weekend Program at work and I had a chart in front of me of employees who were switching to the program and employees I was calling to ask if they wanted to go Monday-Friday. I was working on the schedule to be implemented in a couple of weeks. A guy who worked there at the time had his office down there and came down and said to me, in a not-so-convincing manner, that 2 planes had hit the Towers. I was barely paying attention to him and kinda chuckled because I thought he was playing around. A few minutes later, my boss's boss came down and told me the same thing in a much more believable tone of voice and I was like, "Wait. What?!"

Those moments very clearly stand out in my memory like it was yesterday.

Do you have a memory to share?

God bless all the innocent people who died and their families & friends who have suffered so deeply.


Donna said...

Very clear memories of that.

I had been laid off and was working part-time with my brother at an insurance office. My husband and I had carpooled that day.

I, too dismissed it when I first heard about it. When the first tower fell, I thought I was going to puke. I was actually watching when the 2nd tower fell.

I asked my husband to come get me. I went home and was glued to the tv all day. I called everyone I knew to make sure they were safe.

We didn't have custody of Mason and Evan yet and poor little Evan (8 years old at the time) had a broken arm and was at home (in florida) all by himself watching all the news footage. I spent a lot of time on the phone with him.

And I cried a lot. And felt sick to my stomach for days. I couldn't watch any violence on TV. Everything just seemed so raw and painful.

And I remember the quiet. No road rage, people were nice. No planes in the air.

Oh - what a tragic day to change our lives forever, huh?

Thanks for posting and sharing.

Baby John's Crib said...

Oh did that day suck. I had been driving into work, and everything was right with the world. I put in a CD about 10 minutes before I got to work. When I got to work, everyone was congregated around the lunch room, so I walked in, and saw a plane had hit the first tower. A bad accident, I thought. I went to my desk, only to go check the TV again later to watch the second plane hit....I didn't leave until the towers collapsed. I worked in an insurance claims office. The phones and the overhead pagers never stopped going off. They were silent that day. Pretty much the whole office was in the lunch room watching TV; it was horrible. We thought the call would come from headquarters to shut down operations, but it never came. People walked around like zombies that day, while others went out to get gas, and reported it going up to $2 or $3 a gallon due to gouging (boy, I could go for those prices again!) It was horrible, and I couldn't believe the world could change so much in the 10 minutes time that I turned off the radio and popped in a CD.