Friday, September 5, 2008

My two babies

Kevin, just before his bath, was watching the Wiggles (big surprise there, huh?) and singing along with the video. What he is saying is, "Quack, quack, quack" (If you don't watch the Wiggles, you wouldn't understand, but you can hear the song in the background...). He is also showing how much he loves our ever-so-patient Pug, Cassie.


Rhonda said...

you doooo so have the perfect doggy!!! Not to mention that amazing child named Kevin!!!!! So glad to see them the best of friends. We soooooo know who the wiggles are!!!!

Baby John's Crib said...

LOL, know that song well!

I love how good Cassie is with Kevin, neither of mine would be anywhere near as tolerant.

cesbloom said...

Hey - that was the Los Mariachis Wiggles version of Quack Quack Quack he was listening to - and now I am singing at work! He is too cute and Cassie is a very cool dog! Sheri

Pug & I said...

I'm dying here. Just dying. :)